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Brand Concept | Package Design



What is Trax?

Trax is a natural snack brand for people who love the outdoors. Perfect for avid hikers and backpackers, Trax provides multiple snack mix options depending on the intensity level of your activity. Each snack pouch is made out of 100% biodegradable material so the environment is not harmed!


For someone who loves to go hiking just about every week, I had great passion for this particular project. The main purpose was to create packaging that was sustainable. When I was out hiking I would always think about how every snack I take with me is wrapped in plastic and if one piece was to fall out of my bag, then I would be negatively affecting the environment around me. All of the national parks I have visited have strict rules regarding "Leave No Trace" because they want to preserve the land and the creatures that live there. I felt there was a need for a brand that reduced waste but also had biodegradable packaging.


This brand is centered around a goal of being good for people and good for the environment. Inside and out, the entire product is "all natural" as the snack has no preservatives and the packaging will not harm the environment. The packaging visual needed to convey a sense of natural materials and set itself apart from the loud colors of plastic-wrapped products. I wanted the logo to be simple but recognizable to outdoor lovers and be representative of outdoor activities.


Process Work

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