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Brand Concept | UX/UI


Viral Garden

What is Viral Garden?

Viral Garden is designed to help aspiring social media influencers track and increase their followers by managing all social media accounts with one organized, easy to follow application.


Several social media management companies already exist, but most are designed for people or businesses that already have a large following. If someone wants to become an influencer or promote their personal brand, a complex media manager might seem intimidating to use. Viral Garden provides only the most important information across multiple social media platforms so that the user will know in one glance if they are growing followers and likes.


Viral Garden will present all social media information on the homepage in a dashboard format while more data can be found under each specific tab, depending on the number of accounts held. The style of Viral Garden is fun and engaging while the user interface is intended to be intuitive and easy to use. 



My initial research started with current social media manager apps to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of each one. Two of the most popular apps I found were Sprout and HootSuite. Through reviews, I found the most common problem with these apps was that they were too complicated and in depth for the everyday user to learn and manage.


Soliciting information from users who are familiar with the social media management apps as well as those users who are not was critical for my research. Those who are familiar with them provided information about the current apps (what to keep vs. what to tweak), while the new users were my guide for a simple design. This app is intended for beginners but should also be appealing to seasoned users as well.


Feature Prioritization

This chart helped me to incorporate the most useful data in order to make the app successful.


Prototypes and User Feedback

User testing on low-fidelity prototypes helped me identify the UI design issues before moving on to high fidelity prototypes. I made the updates to my design and other minor changes based on peer feedback.


The goal of the logo was to incorporate the symbol of a like button to look like a plant or even a fruit that would come from a garden.




Color Palette 


Design System



A quick tutorial shows the user the data that will be available on the app and how it works. The user then connects all existing social media accounts they have on their device to Viral Garden so that data can be retrieved and connectivity can occur.


Data and Analytics

After creating a Viral Garden profile and connecting all social media accounts to the app, the user is taken to a homepage where all their accounts can be managed on one page.

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